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The Comic

We've all had bad jobs. Stuffing envelopes, cleaning toilets, catering to arrogant customers... My goal with this webcomic is to collect work stories from all over the web so we can laugh at them instead of cry. Want to share your own story? Click the Submit a Story link above or send to ProjectShiroStudios (at) gmail DAWT com. It may appear here! Anonymous stories are ok too.


The Author

Sara is an illustrator and Star Trek aficionado who also loves chocolate, D&D, and cats. She has had a number of bad jobs including Tech Crew, Envelope Stuffer, and Waitress. She started in comics through the Transformers Mosaic fan project and has also worked as colorist for the webcomic Zero's Heroes and the Science Hero anthology. If you'd like to see more of her work check out the Tumblr, Twitter, or Portfolio.