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Blog - 8/27/13


by ProjectShiro

I did some guest art for The Muse Mentor that went up yesterday! The comic has amazing character design and colors, which I always go gaga for being a colorist by trade. You should definitely check it out.

Things are going ok in Kansasland. I'm still looking for a job, but at least I have some temp gigs and loads of time to make comics. Zero's Heroes is into chapter 11 now and I'm finishing up the Wreck-Lass side story slowly but surely. I'm going to try and make it to Project Comic Con in Saint Louis on September 21-22, we'll see how the money situation is. But I'll definitely be at Free State Comicon in Lawrence, KS October 19th! The small local cons are so much more intimate and gratifying than those big ones, even though they aren't as glitzy. If you're in the Lawrence area definitely come on up.

Lastly: I dedicate this blog to plymayer, who has been commenting on all my comics. Shut up, it's encouraging!