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Blog - 9/29/13


by ProjectShiro

Wait, did I accidentally wait a month in between news updates? <.<; Woops.

We're coming up on the comic's 3rd month, and I'm feeling good. Another mini-milestone is coming up too: comic #30 will be posted on October 10th. I do have a bigger comic planned, but I figured I'd wait until #50. 50 feels like a more official number. Until then I'm just counting silly things for my own excitement. ^_^

I did not get out to Project Comic Con, but then again I don't think anyone went looking for me so that's fine. Preparations are being made for Free State Comicon on October 19th. Aaron and I will be there with Zero's Heroes books, posters, and T-shirts! Maybe I should make a HWSS@W print..... hmmm.....

And lastly, here's a video for all of us in the biz, and all of you who have had the fortune not to apply yet. RUN. RUN WHILE YOU CAN.