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Blog - 10/20/13 - 3-Con Week From HELL

10/20/13 - 3-Con Week From HELL

by ProjectShiro

So this week I did 3 conventions. The first: a college fair for my alma mater. The 2nd, a merchant convention for my cookie job in which you could say I was a booth babe. I wore a costume (Chrismas apron), handed out samples, and shilled our products. That's the definition of a booth babe, right? The 3rd was a comic convention I did with New Haven Comics. It seems people are really on board with this HWSS@W thing. One kid handed the "You're My Best Friend, Coffee Machine!" sticker to her mom gleefully proclaiming, "That's you!" I need to start thinking up merchandise designs though. If anyone has any ideas please shoot me an email at It's getting annoying that people can't comment on these blogs.


JAWN BAWND also has a new episode this week with another hilarious work story. Go check it out!