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Blog - 11/7/13


by ProjectShiro

It's November now and winter has finally started creeping in. My mother, interestingly, vascillates between loudly proclaiming that Christmas ads on TV need to die, and musing about decorating. My cookie job continues to also vascillate between varieties of interesting designs and WE NEED 150 OF THE SAME TINY COOKIE BY TOMORROW. How are you all doing, gentle readers?

As the holiday season will undoubtedly be bat-shit crazy I'm thinking that a holiday break is in order. Now I'm still keeping up with my buffer, so there's no problem there, but it would be nice present to myself. Also I'm thinking people will be travelling a lot and won't be able/will forget to check their webcomics. I'd keep working through the break, but perhaps at a slower pace, and posting will resume after a month, sometime in January. But at the same time it feels like I should end on a milestone, and comic #50 (which I've planned as a special super-big comic) isn't too far away. In fact, continuing at my current pace I'd finish drawing through #50 by the first week of December. Only thing is it would upload on the 19th, dangerously close to Christmas. So what option sounds best to you guys? Would you rather I not take a break at all? Let me know!