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Blog - 3/5/14 Planet Comicon

3/5/14 Planet Comicon

by ProjectShiro

My hometown comic con is fast approaching! With 2 weeks to go I'm in overdrive coordinating with the guys at New Haven Comics, not to mention getting all my signage squared away. I hope to see some of you down at Bartle Hall March 14-16th! It'll be your first chance to get your very own HWSS@W Work Survival Kit, as well as the Server's Friend Pilfer Prevention Pen, and the Zero's Heroes Annual, which contains my first full-size solo comic: A Week in the Life of Wreck-Lass! We'll also be raffling off a delicious cookie bouquet generously provided by my day job at Cookies by Design! Not to mention all the other comic book and media guests... It's going to be insane.

So don't forget booth number 843! See you there!