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Blog - 8/4/14 Con Overload!

8/4/14 Con Overload!

by ProjectShiro

All my cons for the summer are done! I can't believe it. @.@ There's one more in the fall, but for now I can relax and focus on art. Thanks to everyone who came out to KantCon! I got some great stories that I'll be using to fill out the last of my 100 comic goal. Will HWSS@W continue after the 100 mark? That depends on you guys. Would you be interested in a book? Would you mind if I handed the reigns off to someone else? There's a longer-form project I'd like to get started on before the year is up. Please let me know what you think by commenting on a strip or emailing me at projectshirostudios (at) gmale (dot) com.

Secondly, I had mini-comics printed up just for the con but none of them were snatched up. If you'd like to order one or any of my other merch head on over to the shiny new Merch Page. :3

And if you'd like to see pictures from any of my cons this year head on over to the Con Report tag on my Tumblr.