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Blog - Kickstarter Update #2: Revenge of the Holidays

Kickstarter Update #2: Revenge of the Holidays

by ProjectShiro

Hello again Faceless Workers!

I'm trying out names for the fanbase. Yes, no?

Anyway, boring things like errands coupled with holiday prep at the bakery have reduced my working time by a lot. I am currently working on a release form of sorts, for everyone who supplied stories and likenesses, for permission to publish them in book form and subsequently sell them. Not riveting progress, but very necessary. I'm currently trying to remember the emails of all the submitters. If I have used your likeness/story in any of my comics please shoot me an email, Tumbl, or Tweet and I will include you in the Release Form Email Blast. When I capitalize it like that it almost sounds exciting!

Oh yeah, I got a Twitter. I feel like I'm being buried in tweets by people who know marketing a lot better than me...

To leave you on a good note until the next update, Q2Q is another webcomic I found about a thankless job: theater techs! Many chuckles to be had, for sure. Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving!