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by AutobotDen

Happy Tuesday, Jobzombies! I apologize for the lack of TPS Tuesday, things kind of got away from me yesterday due to a doctor's appointment (Was just a follow-up visit from a couple weeks ago, nothing to worry about!). I'm currently finishing up the rough sketch for Thursday's comic, and should hopefully have it uploaded in time for it to go live at midnight my time (GMT -6), but it may be a few hours late. I'll do my best to get everything caught up and next week should have a TPS Tuesday, as well as a Thursday comic.

In the meantime, I'm gathering stories for a segment that I'm hoping to run starting in the new year titled "My First Job", with stories about things we have done before we were officially in the workforce. If you have a story (even funny/interesting stories from scouting days, if applicable!), please submit them!